The mission of SCYS is to help every child reach his or her potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth and tolerance.

We will provide Applied Behavioural Analysis in a one–one setting at home, classroom based & within the community that pairs a child with a trained ABA Therapist who will complete Trial Procedures, Graphing, Behaviour Management, Social and Communication programs. 

Our ABA & IBI program is for families under Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Direct Funding Option (DFO) and those who are not funded as well. We will work with your budget to assist you the best way possible to provide the services your child requires. We work with families who pay privately, through insurance and/or various other funding options available to cover the costs of services. 

  • Scott Children & Youth Services offers children, youths & adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Behavioural Challenges & Other Disabilities the opportunity to work with a caring, experienced & trust worthy staff member to improve their impairments. The long term goal of Scott Children & Youth Services is to empower the young person to change socially unacceptable behaviours into positive ones, so that the child and/or youth is able to live a productive and enriched life.
  • School Settings
  • The programs we provide within the school system is to assist children, youth with transitions, following group instructions, social skills & behaviour management within the classroom & to also provide school personnel the appropriate skills to assist with any challenges that arise. We attend IEP Meetings and provide goals, observations and programs to school staff as need be. We ensure we are all on the same page with one goal in mind – your child’s best interest at heart.
  • After IBI Therapy if your child has completed IBI we will work with them doing ABA Therapy in home/community working on various skills, to ensure they stay on the right path and gain new skills while mantain the ones gained. We ensure their program is supervised, data collection, and weekly reports/meetings.

The Mckenzie Learning Center:

  • SCYS offers classroom-based ABA Programming at The Mckenzie Learning Center in Mississauga. This exceptional program will also offer integration into community environments to work on skills learned within 1:1 & group sessions to ensure optimal learning is achieved.

     Our Multi-Disciplinary approach will benefit your child in a positive learning direction; our team will develop and ensure treatment programs are developmentally appropriate and monitored to ensure the best quality of programming is being provided. We incorporate the Principals of Applied Behavioural Analysis; Along with other behavioural management, social and communication techniques taught by a BCBA, & experienced/certified ABA therapists to ensure each treatment plan is individualized to your child’s unique learning styles.

  • We offer small classroom sizes to optimize each child’s learning within our program to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. We offer 2:3 or 3:5 staff to student ratio & 1:1 teaching sessions. We have 2 rooms for 1:1 sessions 2 classrooms & 1 playroom.

    Our program will be monitored by our Clinical Director  BCBA-D working alongside our Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Art/Music& ABA Therapists.

    SCYS Center based program at The Mckenzie Learning Center will run through the academic year September – June and continue with our Summer Program in July – August. We will also be offering P.A day programs & Social Skills programs.

     SCYS Program Outline:

  • Full Time 9am – 4pm     
  •  Block Schedule 8:30am – 12:30pm or 1pm-4pm After school 4:30-7:30pm 
  • Services can be purchased for 3 – 6 months at a time. Full day option – 35 hours per week or half day option 15 hours per week.
  • We work with Ontario Autism Program (OAP) – DFO (Direct Funding Option), Non-Funded Families, SSAH, 


  • Assessments – diagnostic, curriculum based, life & social skills
    Art/Music Therapy, Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy 
    Group/Individualized activities
    Community outings/outdoor activities
    Safe, fun, inclusive learning environment!
    Positive reinforcements
    Data Collection, Errorless teaching, most to least prompting to ensure that children, youth don’t become prompt dependent.
    Natural Environment Teaching
  • We inspire to Wonder, Learn & Grow!
  • Programming doesn’t STOP at our classroom, SCYS provides in home, community and school support.


At School – we will work closely with teacher`s to provide classroom support to assist your child with classroom routines, set IEP goals, provide behaviour management support and much more!

At Home – we will provide parents with the tools to manage behaviours, set routines, help with life skills and if center based programming is not what your looking for – we set up in home ABA/IBI programming as well!

In Community – Having your child be included in the community is essential. We provide support within the community to ensure your child is included in community activities by supporting them 1:1 & in groups settings to maximize their learning, engagement in community activities.

We continue to offer our community an inclusive, fun & social environment that encompasses all phases of learning & development.

Assessment dates/times For times please contact us! Space is limited! 

 *If your child needs SLP/OT services that will be billed separately

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